Foreign LLC in Colorado

Colorado Foreign LLC

A foreign Colorado LLC is an LLC that was formed in a different state and then registered to do business in Colorado. If you operate an LLC outside of the state of Colorado and you want to do business in Colorado, you will need to register your LLC as a Colorado foreign LLC. 

To register a foreign LLC in Colorado, you must file a Statement of Foreign Entity Authority with the Colorado Secretary of State. The Statement of Foreign Entity Authority costs $100 to file and it must be filed online on the secretary of state's website. All foreign entities must have a registered agent in Colorado. You can hire us as your Colorado registered agent for just $35 a year. If we are your registered agent, we can file your LLC Statement of Foreign Authority for $100 (just add the filing in your online account).

Colorado Foreign LLC FAQ

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about qualifying a foreign LLC in Colorado:

How do I file the Statement of Foreign Entity Authority?
To qualify a foreign LLC in Colorado, you must file the Statement of Foreign Entity Authority online on the Secretary of State's website. To complete the registration (also known as qualification) in accordance with Colorado Statute § 7-90-803, you must include the following information:

  1. The LLC's name as registered in its home state (the state where it was originally formed)

  2. The type of entity (in this case, you can write "LLC" or "Limited Liability Company") and the state where it was originally formed.

  3. The LLC's physical address and mailing address, if different.

  4. Colorado registered agent name and address and confirm that the registered agent has consented to the appointment

  5. Enter the date on which the LLC commenced or will begin doing business in Colorado. If you want to enter a delayed effective date, the form allows you to do so.

  6. List the name and address of the person filing the document

Unlike most states, Colorado does not require foreign LLCs to include a Certificate of Good Standing from their home state.
Foreign LLC fees in Colorado?
You must pay a $100 filing fee to submit the Statement of Foreign Entity Authority to the Colorado Secretary of State. Additionally, once the LLC is qualified as a foreign LLC in Colorado, the LLC must file annual reports (known in Colorado as a periodic report to the Secretary of State. Periodic reports cost $10 to file.
What is a foreign LLC?
As it pertains to Colorado, a foreign LLC is any entity formed outside the state of Colorado. This is the commonly used term used by all states to describe entities formed in other states or countries.
How do I register if my business name isn't available in Colorado?
If the name of your LLC isn't available in Colorado, you must choose an assumed name for use in Colorado.
Are there penalties if I don't register my foreign LLC in Colorado?
Yes, your LLC could be liable for fees and assorted penalties. Your LLC also will not be able to sue to collect debts in Colorado.
How do I know I need to register as a foreign LLC in Colorado?
You need to register or qualify if your LLC is "conducting activities" or "transacting business" in Colorado, but in the digital age those terms have been rendered more nebulous. You may want to consult an attorney if you're unsure, but typically such conditions are met if your LLC has a physical presence in Colorado by way of:

  • A business location in Colorado

  • A sales rep in the state

  • If you have contractors physically doing work or selling items in Colorado

Foreign LLC Service

Hire us as your registered agent for $35, and we can register your out of state Colorado LLC for the state filing fee plus $100.

OR, you can do the filing yourself, and just sign up with us as your Colorado registered agent. All foreign LLCs in Colorado will require a registered agent. We offer this service for $35 a year. Once you sign up for our Colorado registered agent service, you will be logged into your online account where you’ll find the foreign Colorado LLC form you file with the corporations Division of the Colorado Secretary of State. After looking at the resources we include in your online account, if you do not want to actually file the paperwork yourself, you can find and click on the add services tab in your client account, and have us do the filing for you for $100 plus the state filing fees. We will also locate the correct documents from the home state of your LLC organization that we need to properly register you in Colorado.