Our Pitch

Do you Shralp? We Freaking Shralp.

If you are getting ready to start a business or do business in Colorado, you need a service provider that cares about the service they provide as much as you do. Whether it’s answering emails lightning fast, having patience on the phone, accurately forming our clients companies, or simply zoning out scanning mission critical law suits all day to our clients, if we’re doing it, we’re Shralping it.

We Shralp Registered Agent Services:

Mission Critical Documents
When you hire us, we'll actually receive and scan your documents directly to you. We store your documents. We protect them. Your documents are our job. We hug them like an early season rockfest.
Cheapest Price
$35 bucks, all in. Can't be beat!
Best Address
You can see our address on every page of our website. Same location for over a decade. We let you list our address on your filings also to keep your privacy intact.
Periodic Report Reminders
We monitor your business entity and let you know of its status. We send you periodic report reminders along with free tips on how to file your reports on time.
We've watched a lot of websites pop up over the years. They take your money, they disappear, you wonder what's next. You get the stability of the largest local Colorado Registered Agent service, for $35 a year.

Who in the World Are These Guys in Colorado Who Shralp It All Day Long?

Well. Let's just say while rooming with 12 other smelly guys paying $800 a month for a closet, turning screwdrivers, and skiing 80 days a year was great... It didn't quite hit all the life notes like, fulfilling work, getting married, having a garage, eating consistently, etc... Don't get me wrong. If you weighed 350 pounds and wanted to go skiing and you brought those Cankles into us, you're gonna get the boot fit of a lifetime, some great tips about where to start, and when you come down crying at the end of the day, no I won't rub your sweaty feet, but I'll help pull that swollen and stuck foot out of that sweaty boot with a smile. If someone was gonna boot fit Cankles. We were going to shralp that boot fit.

And that's how we do it.

You do a lot of weird jobs when your passion is anything big mountain. The idea of providing Colorado registered agent service was dreamed up over a slice of Vendetta's pizza. Our friend had a drywall company and couldn't pay his lawyers fees for his LLC. All his general contractors required him to be a legitimate company. So we started Colorado Registered Agent LLC out of his shop. Yeah... a drywall shop. Sorry... but if you get it, you get it.

17 years later, we do it a little more legitimately now. We've gotten better. Have the money to maintain a proper staff. We Shralp the registered agent business, so that we can get out and shralp the mountains as much as possible. It's who we are, and if you'll give us a chance to earn you're business, we won't let you down. We know we've got the best registered agent price in Colorado! If you feel like we did let you down, we'll gladly give you your $35 back.

Colorado LLC


We Shralp LLCs

Order LLC

We Shralp Colorado LLCs:

  1. $185 Total!  Yeah. Your out the door price of $185 is the cheapest in the industry, but we think the most all inclusive.
  2. Public Privacy: We file your Colorado LLC with our registered office address as all the address fields and our name as your organizer to keep your address and name off the public documents.
  3. Private Ownership Documents Included: We include a Colorado LLC Operating Agreement, and LLC Membership Certificates.
  4. Registered Agent is Included: First year is included in the $185, then it's just $35 a year after that. You can cancel for free anytime.

Why Are Your Prices So Cheap?

To put it simply; We work to play. We live in the mountains. Big mountains. We're not beholden to venture capitalists or shareholders whom only goals are investing and returns. Our goals are to be as good at working as possible, so we can work as little as possible and get outside and play. While we could easily charge $99 a year, we simply don't need to. $35 is just fine. While we could charge more than $100 to do a company formation, we simply don't need to. $100 is just fine.

Food for thought: There's unintended consequences of chasing money. Remember when Craigslist took out the relevancy of newspapers? Remember when putting a help wanted job listing on Craigslist was free? EVERYONE looked for a job on Craigslist. Then Craigslist got greedy, started charging, and now we have Indeed, Glassdoor, somehow Monster is almost relevant again, except they are too big of idiots to realize it and still want like 300 bucks to put a help wanted ad up. Craigslist basically killed their iconic status as the place to go for a job, for greed.

Playing in the mountains is a rich man's sport. While it's easy to go for a bike ride with some rich douchebag and listen to how much money they made off some startup investment, we choose to play it slow and try to stick to what made sense to us when we were 25 years old just trying to figure out how to consistently eat. Colorado Registered Agent LLC has blossomed into Colorado's leader in registered agent services by not chasing money. At this point our main objective is just not to screw that up.