Colorado's Rocky Mountains make it easier for us to handle the legal monotony of providing registered agent and business formation services.


What Is A Colorado Periodic Report?

Your Colorado Periodic Report is an important yearly checkup with the state. The report is an annual renewal of your company’s registration with the Colorado Secretary of State and reserves your right to keep your business name. The Periodic Report also alerts Colorado to any changes your business may have had in the last year, such as a change of address or registered agent. All Colorado businesses must file a report in order to stay compliant with the state. If you fail to submit your Periodic Report, the Secretary of State will fine you and could dissolve your business.

When you sign up for registered agent or formation service with Colorado Registered Agent, you can also choose to add on our renewal service—and we’ll take care of the Periodic Report for you!

Colorado's Rocky Mountains make it easier for us to handle the legal monotony of providing registered agent and business formation services.


Your Colorado Periodic Report can only be filed online at Colorado’s Secretary of State website. In order to fill out your report, you’ll need the following information regarding your business:

  • Your business ID number
  • Business entity name
  • State where business was formed
  • Principal street and mailing address
  • Full name and street address of your registered agent
  • Full name and address of individual filing the periodic report


  1. Click the “Business” tab on the top menu of the state website. You’ll see the heading “Search & file.” Click on the “Periodic report filing” link.
  2. Just as you would with any search engine, simply enter your business’s name in the search box and click “search.”
  3. Select your business’s ID number in the search results. Remember this number, or even better, write it down, because you’ll need your business ID number to fill out your report.
  4. Click “confirm” to begin the online filing process.
  5. Populate the online form with the requested information (ID Number, Business name, State where formed, etc.).
  6. When you have finished filling out the form, click on “Submit,” which will take you to a “Transaction Preview” page.
  7. The “Transaction Preview” page will show you a preview copy of the form. Take this time to review your form for errors. Need to make any changes or corrections? Click on “Return to Form” at the bottom of the page. If everything looks good, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Accept.”
  8. This is the payment screen. Enter a credit or debit card number and click on “Pay Now.”
  9. Your report will be processed immediately, and you’ll receive a confirmation message. You can print out a copy (or save a digital copy) for your business records, though you are not required to do so.

Note: The person filing the Periodic Report gets their personal name, email, phone, address, and all their contact information listed on the permanent public records. If you act as your own registered agent this means your personal information goes on public documents.

Don’t want your private information out there? Hire us. For $100 plus the $10 state filing fee we’ll handle your Colorado Periodic Report for you.

You can’t. Your Colorado Periodic Report must be filed online with the Secretary of State. There are no paper filings in Colorado.

You can update basic information about your corporation. If certain information has changed–such as a change in your Colorado registered agent–you can update that information on your Periodic Report.

Some states charge hundreds of dollars for their annual reports. Luckily Colorado has one of the most affordable state reports, just $10!

Since you file online, you can’t pay with cash or check. Colorado only accepts VISA, Mastercard, or American Express debit/credit cards.

Your Colorado Periodic Report is due within a three-month window starting on the first day of the month in which you filed your company’s articles. For example, if you officially formed your business in July, then your reporting window is between July 1st and September 31st. Colorado gives you a two-month grace period, after which you will be charged a late fee of $50. Failure to file the report could result in your business being fined or shut down altogether.

Hire Us!

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