Credit Card Processing Consultation

Free Credit Card Processing Consultation

When it comes to accepting credit card payments, the key to getting low rates and good terms is to find the right person—with the right motives—to sign you up. That’s us.

As a company that accepts avalanches of credit card payments each year, we know what it’s like to get trapped in a bad merchant agreement, get locked into egregiously high rates for years, and struggle to even get an account manager on the phone. We created this free credit card processing consultation service so that our clients get better contracts, lower rates, and true customer support from real people instead.

Talk to an Expert & Save

Our Credit Card Processing Service Includes:

  • Direct Phone Access to an Industry Specialist
  • A Customized Plan with a Payment Processor
  • Competitive Rates We Negotiate On Your Behalf
  • Help Submitting Your Merchant Application
  • In-Store, Mobile, and Online Payment Options
  • Transparent Interchange-Plus Pricing Available
  • Ongoing Support from Our Payments Specialists

How Our Credit Card Processing Service Works:

You Sign Up For One of Our Paid Services
Hire us to be your Colorado registered agent for $35 a year, or hire us to form your Colorado business for $185 total.
You Request Your Free Consultation on the Order Form
When you’re signing up for one of our services, simply check the box on the order form labeled “Free Credit Card Processing Consultation.” Then complete your order. One of our card payment specialists will reach out to you by email and let you know when to expect a call.
You Talk to One of Our Payments Experts
We’ll take the time to really understand how your company works, match you with the right payment processor, and help you determine the payment options and processing tools your business needs. Then we’ll work up a rates package for you designed to keep your costs low.
We Help You Submit Your Merchant Application
If you like what you see and decide to move forward, we’ll help you complete and submit your application to the payment processor—at our low rates and with the terms we negotiate on your behalf. The payment processor’s underwriting team will then review your application, contact you directly for additional business and financial details, and decide if they’re going to approve your application.
You Start Taking Payments
If the payment processor approves your application, we’ll help make sure that you get the processing tools (hardware and/or software) you need to process payments. Then you're ready to roll.
We Provide Ongoing Client Support
Our role as your agent won’t stop there. We’ll still serve as your main point of contact and guide whenever you need to deal with the payment processor. At your request, we can even review your monthly merchant statements for any processor errors, irregularities, or hidden fees.

Low Cost Credit Card Payment Processing


As your Colorado registered agent, we’re here to help your business prosper. But if you’re paying too much to get paid, it won’t. That’s a problem for us because we want our Colorado registered agent clients to be successful and stick with us year after year—so it’s in our best interests to get you set up to accept card payments at affordable rates.

This is true whether you simply hire us to be your Colorado registered agent, if you hire us to form a Colorado LLC, or if we help your business incorporate in Colorado. The success of our business hinges on your success.

How the Payments Game Usually Works

  • Payment processors handle the merchant’s side of the credit card payment process, but when it comes to acquiring new merchants and setting fees, they typically farm out most of the sales work.
  • This means the person who signs you up has a buy rate with the payment processor (costs they pay to the processor when you take payments). They mark up that buy rate to make their money.
  • The trouble is that it’s a system that easily translates into unnecessarily high costs for you. And the industry is so secretive about its pricing that it’s easy to convince a merchant that a markup can’t go lower—or that a junk fee can’t be avoided.
  • This is why the person who signs you up is so crucial. If your agent’s goal is to save you money and keep your rates low, there are approaches to pricing to help make that happen. If your agent’s goal is to pad their bottom line—well, it usually is. Welcome to the wonderful world of card payments!

How the Payments Game Works With Us

  • When we sign up a merchant up with a payment processor, we have a buy rate too—just like any sales agent. But there’s a key difference between us and much of our competition: we don’t need to make much money from credit card processing, so we can help you save.
  • That’s because our business is built on providing Colorado business services, not signing merchants up for credit card processing. We already serve a huge pool of clients in our capacity as a Colorado registered agent, and we routinely form Colorado LLCs and Colorado corporations.
  • So, yeah, from a cold business perspective, we didn’t need to jump into the payments world at all, and we still don’t need it.
  • But from a customer service perspective? That’s a different story. Our credit card processing service is just one more way we’re here for you.

Credit Card Processing FAQs:

Why Should My Business Accept Credit Card Payments?
Because your customers will expect it. Most modern consumers want multiple payment options, not just cash, and credit card payments and debit card payments top the list. Of course, accepting card payments is pretty much a must for online businesses, but your face-to-face customers (for brick-and-mortar and mobile businesses) will typically want the same thing.
How Will I Know When to Expect a Call?
When you sign up for one of our services and request a free consultation on the order form, our team of card specialists will receive a notification that you're interested in our credit card processing service. They'll then send you an email with a date for the call. Since the team is always busy making calls and fielding questions, they'll usually respond with a time frame for the call (not a specific time), but they'll never neglect to make the call in a timely manner.
How Long Will My Free Consultation Last?
Most initial phone consultations last between 15 and 30 minutes. When a client decides to sign up with a payment processor through us, there are sometimes a few additional calls and emails to get the job done right.
What Information Will I Provide During the Phone Consultation?
You'll want to have your basic business information in hand (company name, website URL if applicable, phone number, and so on), as well as your current or estimated sales information. Setting a merchant's rates effectively depends on having some knowledge of their monthly sales, average ticket, and the way they do business, as well as the ways the merchant wants to accept card payments.
What If I Can't Answer All of These Questions?
Not to worry. You'll be talking to a card payment specialist, after all, who is more than prepared to guide you through it. And if a follow-up call is required, that's no big deal. We're here for you.
What If I'm Not a Client? Can I Still Get a Free Consultation?
No. Our credit card processing consultation service is free because it's designed as a perk for our Colorado business clients. This isn't a service we want to charge for, but we would have to if we opened things up to businesses that don't sign up for our services.
Why Can't I Just Go Directly to the Payment Processor?
You can. Even though they farm out sales to others, most payment processors maintain a sales force of their own that can sign up merchants. But regardless of which approach you take to sign up with a payment processor, you're going to deal with a sales agent who makes money by marking up your rates and fees. Our special value is that we can keep those markups low.
Why Did You Create This Credit Card Processing Service?
We saw a problem: accepting credit card payments can be too expensive. And so we forged a solution: get into the payments game ourselves, put our experts to work, and help our clients save. It's that simple.